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to the NY Studio School Alumni Association call for the 2015 Alumni Exhibition. The dates of the exhibition will be from August 7, 2015 to September 20, 2015.   I am very excited about the jurors for this years exhibition as all are not only extremely talented and respected members  of the contemporary art scene, but in addition all three are  founders or co-founders of galleries focused on finding and exhibiting great undiscovered artists. The three jurors for this years exhibition are:



The exhibition will be held at the School on 8 West 8th Street.   Everyone is encouraged to apply but due to space limitations we can not accept submissions that take up wall space greater than  four feet by four feet.  Free standing sculptures will be determined on an individual basis and more complete guidelines will be provided later.


This year we are also excited to announce a new format for the exhibition.  For 2015 each juror will be given their own room in which to select and exhibit their choices.  We think this will better allow the final overall exhibition to best reflect the individual tastes and esthetic leanings of the jurors as well as to best foster continuing relationships between alumni and jurors.


Finally, Larry and I are also pleased to announce the establishment of the Mercedes Matter Prize.  Cash awards will be announced during the  exhibition.


To apply and find out all deadline and other information go to


Respectfully yours,


Larry Greenberg and Michael Tcheyan

2015 Alumni Exhibition Co-Chairs

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